Friday, June 6, 2008

Connecting Colleges with Colour @ GFW

And so Graduate Fashion Week is upon us! It starts on Sunday and runs through to next Thursday. We are just about ready to head to London and by the time the exhibition opens, our stand will be a (colourful) shining beacon that entices people to come and find out all about the SDC. The message that we want to get across to everyone we meet at GFW this year is how the SDC can connect colleges with colour. There are lots of ways . . . come and meet us at stand D106 and find out how!

As well as sponsoring the Colour & Textiles Award at GFW, the SDC will also be running a colour perception competition for students every day at our stand (a sneak preview is given in the image above). We'll be asking whether, when starting out to create a fabric or print, do designers realise the importance that colour perception can have on that design. With a bit of creativity and knowledge about how colours interact with each other, there are ways of tricking people into seeing more colours in a design than there actually are. On the Education Day (Thursday 12th), we will also have interactive presentations at various points throughout the day to inspire budding designers. Come and visit us at Earls Court 2 at stand D106. More details about Graduate Fashion Week are available at:
by CMcN