Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Colour: Design & Creativity - new issue

Colour: Design & Creativity - the online design journal from the SDC - addresses all aspects of colour and design, in art, environment, textiles, architecture, fashion, etc. It was launched at the end of last year and issue 1 received much encouraging feedback:
* What an excellent range of material.
* Excellent articles and presentation.
* Inspiring and promising...
* Very good work. It will help me in my work as designer.
* This is a wonderful journal.
* Excellent scholarly articles full of insight and intelligent discussion. Great work.
This journal for the professional and academic design community aims to create a forum for professionals from a diverse range of disciplines in which colour plays an important role, one where they can come together to exchange knowledge and ideas, and begin to develop a common language to facilitate communication in the fascinating world of colour.
The next issue will be published at the end of May and will contain a rich mix of content, including a gallery of work by artist Jennifer Durant and articles focusing on colour in architecture. If you would like to receive advance notification about forthcoming issues, as well as news about the journal, please sign up for an alert here.
by CMcN