Friday, December 4, 2009

Competition: colour and social responsibility

The SDC International Design Competition 2010 has been launched. The brief asks for a creative, imaginative and original use of colour in fashion or textiles, with a theme of social responsibility, which might see entrants answering questions along the lines of:

· What are the opportunities for incorporating elements of social responsibility into design?
· What impact does the choice of materials have on all the elements in the supply chain?
· How long are clothes expected to last?
Does quality manufacturing provide for social responsibility?
· Natural dyes and fibres vs synthetic dyes and fibres – is it true that ‘natural’ always means better for the environment?
· What role does technology have?

Full details of the brief and the required deliverables are available to download from the SDC website, along with information on how to enter/competition rules. The competition is open to fashion or textile undergraduate students in the following countries:

// Australia // China // Hong Kong // India // Ireland //
New Zealand // Pakistan // Singapore // South Africa // UK

Tutors must pre-select three students per college to enter the regional heats. These will generally be held in the 2nd quarter of 2010 and dates will be announced when available. All country finalists will be invited to the grand final in London in October 2010 and will be in for a chance of winning the SDC Colour Design Award 2010, with a prize of £1000 plus the Veronica Bell Trophy.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch without delay!
Image: cover of Sep/Oct 2009 issue of FRAME magazine which was jam-packed with colour-related items. More information at:

by CMcN