Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Can you own a colour?

The latest article published in the SDC online journal Colour: Design & Creativity ( looks at colour ownership. This is not the first time such a topic has been looked at in an SDC publication; some years ago, an article published in The Colourist (see here) asked that very question - can you own a colour?

Any attempt to regulate or claim ownership of particular colours calls into question the nature of colour itself: what exactly is it that is to be regulated or owned? This is certainly an interesting debate and one which the author expands on, putting forward the argument that there are at least seven different kinds of colours. To read the full journal article in issue 4 of Colour: Design & Creativity, click here.

The author, Paul Green-Armytage (Curtin University of Technology), will also have a contribution in the next issue of the journal (issue 5), which is a special issue in association with AIC. Included will be a number of papers based on presentations given at the AIC Colour Congress 2009 which took place in Australia last October, with one review article, two galleries and 13 research papers all pre-selected by the guest editor (Nick Harkness) and the special issue committee. This issue will open soon; watch this space for the full content listing!

If you would like to hear more about this journal in the future, you can email or visit the journal website to subscribe. All content published in Colour: Design & Creativity is currently free to access and subscribers receive regular e-alerts when new content is available online.

by CMcN

Friday, March 5, 2010

New issue of The Colourist published

We are pleased to say the new issue of the SDC members' magazine The Colourist has now been published and will be mailed out to all SDC members around the world next week. This issue has a 'wool dyeing' theme and features the colourful work of designer Ella Robinson on the front cover!

by CMcN