Monday, April 19, 2010

'Life in Colours' exhibition

Image: textile by Akihiko Izukura

A colourful exhibition by Akihiko Izukura, opens this week at Nottingham Trent University, UK. The practice of this renowned Japanese textile artist, which is always based on 'compassion for life', involves minimal waste during the process of dyeing, spinning and weaving, and 'sun and water circulation', using the natural power of the sun and water to save energy during design. His approach to fabric production includes natural dyeing, weaving, netting, braiding and entwining to create textile objects and fashion garments.

Zero waste concept
Based on a zero waste concept, Akihiko's work is based on the idea of 'appreciation for the life given to use from nature.' Some might consider this approach to his designs encompasses social responsibility at its core, ensuring that sustainable methods are pursued in all aspects of design.

Very apt then that Akihiko will be running a workshop for the UK finalists in the
SDC International Design Competition in Nottingham next month, as the competition has social responsibility as its theme this year (it's all about colour too). A full list of UK finalists will be released soon; watch this space!

Colour conference
Akihiko is also the keynote speaker at the SDC COLOUR CONFERENCE, taking place at NTU on Friday 7 May. Spaces are still available for this exciting event; more details about the conference (and some other colourful events taking place that day too), plus information about booking, click
here (PDF).

The LIFE IN COLOURS exhibition in NTU's Bonington Gallery opens on 22 April and runs until 14 May; for more information, click
here (external link).

by CMcN