Thursday, November 27, 2008

Colour: Design & Creativity - latest issue

Issue 3 of the SDC journal Colour: Design & Creativity - published online today! - contains a fascinating range of articles on colour from leading artists and scientists working in this important field.
This issue has been published in association with CREATE (Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment), a group of colour professionals who have come together to promote and exchange research and knowledge through a series of conferences and training courses. Their long-term objective is to develop with artists, designers, technologists and scientists a cross-disciplinary approach to improving colour and print.
Freely available to all, this issue includes articles by:
-Majed Chambah (France) looking at ways of restoring movie prints by digital means
-Reiner Eschbach (USA) highlighting areas of colour reproduction that can and cannot be undertaken scientifically
-Alessandro Rizzi (Italy) reporting on a study into the properties and the limits of colour matching functions when applied in a visual context
-John McCann (USA) bridging the art and science of colour, analysing the work of early photographers and the characteristics of some of the Old Master paintings
-Carinna Parraman (UK) showing how artists and scientists have investigated the optical properties of the juxtaposition of colour.
Other contributions are by Maria Musso (Argentina) who looks at the relationship between colour and environmental protection in textiles, Victoria Watson (UK) who reveals the concepts involved in the creation of her ‘air grid’ installations (pictured above), and Simten Gundes and co-authors (Turkey) who present a historical review of the development of Turkish tile art.
Following on from the acclaim received for both issue 1 and issue 2, it is hope the latest installment of this exclusive journal from the SDC will be as well received. Why not have a read of the journal articles yourself and then let us know what you think:
by CMcN