Monday, April 28, 2008

Welcome . . .

. . . to this, the first post of the all-new SDC colour blog -
a blog which is destined to be a place to cogitate about colour and to share news, stories and ideas about all aspects of colour.

Such a blog has been on the cards for some time now but we were finally inspired to get this up and running thanks to Sue Williams. Sue is the new president of the SDC and since she took office - just over one week ago - during a true 'Day of Celebration' (more of that in subsequent posts) - she has been keeping her own blog. And we wanted one too. So here it is!

Who will read this blog? We hope all users of our other websites - such as ColourClick and the recent online design journal Colour: Design & Creativity - as well as all the students and staff at our many patron colleges around the world. Basically, we hope, just about anyone interested in colour.
by CMcN